Fireside Chat Series: Be on Fire

“Striving To Draw Nigh” Brief description: Follow step-by-step daily practices as Gary carries us through a history reminiscent of the early Bábís—who went through grave suffering and imprisonment. Hear requirements […]

Spirit of Blackness: Nobility of Black Folk

Seeing black in the soul is a sign of peacefulness and the sign of immense creative potential. Black in the soul represents experiencing a level of peace and quietness. Black can […]

Black and Indigenous Led Prayer and Meditation

An uplifting devotional space created and led by Black and Indigenous individuals. The Baha’i Writings proclaim special spiritual designations for each of these unique populations. Through cultural meditative expressions in […]

Fireside Chat Series: Indigenous Gifts

Brief description: As we face 2024 (B.E. 181), are WE / YOU listening to the VOICE of the INDIGENOUS (Youth, Mothers, Educators)? WHY should we? Here’s the promise from our […]