A Lovingly Distinctive Approach to the Elimination of Racism: Fostering a Moral and Spiritual Change in Individual Hearts.

The Vision

Partners in Racial Justice (PRJ) believes that we are on the precipice of significant change in America, especially with circumstances that have occurred over the last two years with the graphically visceral images of young Black men and women being brutalized and murdered. This is a true watershed moment and we believe that we must seize the opportunity that this moment in time provides. Now, more than ever in our lifetimes, more and more people are coming to the table. So many are expressing a soulful desire to find ways to participate in the elimination of the plague of racism that has so terribly shaped our mutual reality. We are bound together. Now is the moment to come together.

Race Amity reflections

What is Race Amity? Listen to these thought leaders explain what race amity means to them.

The Spaces

PRJ offers a variety of intentional spaces aimed at bringing hearts together. Promising to edify and inspire, programs will include group reflections on our spiritual reality, meaningful conversations on racial justice, and open discussions led by individuals putting the principle of the oneness of mankind into practice in a variety of ways.

Our Race Amity Welcome Portal Series is a wonderful place to start. 

A variety of other spaces racial justice oriented spaces are also offered: 


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The Exhibition

May 1 – Sept. 5

Savannah, GA

From May 1st through July 3rd an activist art exhibition will be held at Savannah’s Beach Institute African-American Cultural Center.

Confederate Currency: The Color of Money, is a collection of 300 paintings by artist, John W. Jones. Drawn from the money notes of nineteenth-century America, these paintings consider the inextricable relationship between the enslavement of Africans and the foundation of American economic power.

Debates about how we remember the Confederacy continue in the present from flags to monuments, but the goal of this exhibition is healing through education.


John W. Jones, born on May 11, 1950 in Columbia, S.C., has been a freelance artist and illustrator for more than 25 years. Jones explores life through art. This multi-talented artist uses oils, acrylics and watercolors for his paintings. Striving for detail in light and reflection, he meticulously draws each painting first, and then layers it with color, resulting in realistic interpretations of everyday life and landscapes.

Mr. Jones is the artist and author of the book and traveling exhibition: ‘Confederate Currency: The Color of Money, Images of Slavery in Confederate and Southern States Currency’. The exhibition has been featured in some 260 top media outlets including The New York Times, Time Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, CNN, and National Public Radio.


Watch this Interview from the Miami Herald about On The Money featuring Dwayne Rayner & David Hoffman.

An interview from the Miami Herald.