Deconstructing Anti-Blackness: Celebrating Black Culture

One of the pillars of racism has been persistent attempts, over the past four centuries, to establish the false narrative of white supremacy through the demonizing of blackness. The irony of such a distorted narrative has been the simultaneous appropriation of every aspect of black culture, which lies at the root of virtually every form of American art and expression. Join us as we explore this question: How can we love the expression of a people while denigrating the people themselves?

Intimate Dialogue on Race: A Model That’s Having an Impact

Van has developed a format for “Intimate Dialogue” between Blacks and Whites over the past five years. Participants must dive into deep reflection of their household, community, education, careers, as they are impacted by “race.”
Come and hear Van share history and learnings from this model, and also get the opportunity to participate in a sample practice of this process of “Intimate Dialogue on Race.”