Partners in Racial Justice

Partners in Racial Justice is dedicated to engaging in creative ways and means of  bringing all people together in the pursuit of racial justice, healing and unity.


To encourage a growing community of individuals to become partners in racial justice.  

To encourage our partners to view the intentional creation of cross racial relationships as the  heroic, cycle-breaking work of our times.  

To attend and create safe, loving spaces, rooted in the Word of God and celebrating a culture that  elevates blackness.

Social Action Initiatives

Partners in Racial Justice is pleased to host a variety of conversations related to the Color of Money exhibition. All are welcome to attend any of these free events to learn about possible collaborations aimed at improving life in our community. Beyond the conversations, our various partners are happy to engage with the community if the grassroots find their programs to be worthy of further consideration.

Eliminating Racism. Connecting Hearts.

Mt. Sinai AME Church 176 Chatham Street, Pittsboro, NC

We must work towards eliminating racism and fostering connections between people's hearts. We can create a more inclusive and equitable world by embracing our shared identities and standing together. Let's be partners in the fight for racial justice and make a positive impact together!


Reflections on the Life of the Spirit

PRJ is pleased to offer ‘Reflections on the Life of the Spirit’ through the lens of racial justice. This weekly series is the first of a multi-part global curriculum founded […]

Our Programs

Confederate Currency: The Color of Money is an art-based educational initiative featuring paintings of enslaved people discovered on confederate and southern states’ currency. Three hundred paintings by African American Artist, John W. Jones, provide a sense of dignity to the enslaved subjects while shedding new light on the relationship between slavery, institutional racism, and the economic making of America.

This collection by artist John W. Jones is sponsored by Partners In Racial Justice, Inc in collaboration with The African-American Research Library And Cultural Center.