Partners in Racial Justice Receives National Recognition from President Joe Biden

Pittsboro, NC
— Partners in Racial Justice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting racial harmony and equity, has been honored with national recognition from the White House. President Joe Biden personally acknowledged the organization’s impactful work in a heartfelt letter of support, in honor of Race Amity Day.

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Race Amity Day, celebrated annually, emphasizes the importance of understanding and collaboration across racial lines to build stronger communities. This year, Partners in Racial Justice marked the occasion with a significant Race Amity Day Celebration in Pittsboro, North Carolina, which brought together diverse members of the community to foster unity and dialogue.

In his letter, President Biden praised Partners in Racial Justice for their tireless efforts pursuing our nation’s North Star–the ideals of unity,equality, and liberty. He commended the organization for aligning with Race Amity Day in choosing light and love over darkness and division.

“The work you do truly matters,” President Biden wrote. “It’s proof we can build a democracy worthy of our loftiest ambitions. It shows us the country we can become when we empower all people to reach their full potential. And it’s a reminder that the American Dream is big enough for everyone to succeed.”

The Race Amity Day Celebration hosted by Partners in Racial Justice was a resounding success, drawing a diverse crowd from across the region. Attendees engaged in meaningful discussions and built connections that will help to further the cause of racial equity in the community. While the event included talks the main focus was on music that inspires a sense of our shared humanity and the oneness of mankind. The centerpiece of the event was an interracial mass choir with choir members from seven predominantly Black and White Pittsboro churches singing in one unified voice.

“We are deeply honored by President Biden’s recognition and support,” said Sue St. Clair, Executive Director of Partners in Racial Justice. “This acknowledgment not only validates the hard work of our team and volunteers but also underscores the importance of our mission. We are committed to continuing our efforts to promote racial justice and build a more inclusive society.”

Partners in Racial Justice has been a leading force in the movement for racial equity, offering programs and initiatives that educate, empower, and unite communities. The organization’s work spans a range of activities, from educational outreach to community-building conversations, all designed to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

As the nation continues to grapple with issues of racial inequality, Partners in Racial Justice remains steadfast in its mission to create a world where everyone can thrive, regardless of their race or background. The recognition from the White House serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that dedicated individuals and organizations can have on the journey toward justice and equality.

PRJ is a 501(c)3 and needs financial support to continue and expand on its work. According to PRJ’s founding director David Hoffman, that work “includes regular virtual events and program materials and training for individuals and groups who want accompaniment in bringing diverse residents of local communities together across racial lines, creating caring relationships that help stem the tide of racism and division in America”.

For more information about Partners in Racial Justice and their ongoing efforts, please visit or contact David Hoffman at

Originally posted June 9, 2024