Partners in Racial Justice Receives National Recognition from President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden personally acknowledged the organization’s impactful work in a heartfelt letter of support, in honor of Race Amity Day.

Our Mission

Engaging in creative ways and means of bringing all people together in the pursuit of racial justice, healing, and unity.

Partners in Racial Justice (PRJ) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collaborates with a growing array of diverse individuals and institutions, co-creating communities evolving toward justice, unity, and healing.

Our Distinctive Approach

 Collaborative, cross-racial work is cycle breaking work.

A Grassroots built movement with exponential possibilities

“Ultimately, the power to transform the world is effected by love.”
– The Universal House of Justice


Our Programs

Diverse Communities:
Building a Vision Together

What’s needed beyond the events? 

Latest News

Upcoming Programs

Fireside Chat: The Sacred Feminine

Nadema is a visual artist, illustrator, curator, educator, writer, poet, and author. Join her as she carries us through the “Sacred Feminine”—past, present, and future—from the authority and guidance of […]


Reflections on the Life of the Spirit

PRJ is pleased to offer ‘Reflections on the Life of the Spirit’ through the lens of racial justice. This weekly series is the first of a multi-part global curriculum founded on the oneness of mankind. Our special focus is on learning together how we can play our part in eliminating racism—America’s most vital and challenging issue.

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